A Comprehensive Guide to Dormer Loft Conversion

Are you thinking about increasing your property’s space? A dormer loft conversion is one way of going about it. They are considered a popular method for extending a property by utilizing existing roof space. For increasing the space of your loft, a dormer window is installed. These windows extend outwards from the roof thereby creating additional space, which is fully usable. The walls that are inside the space will be above head height. One of the best things about this kind of conversion is that they can increase the value of your homes considerably.

Dormer loft conversions are quite popular because they offer a good amount of space and excellent head room height. There are numerous benefits of dormer loft conversions like the fact that they are a cost effective method of maximizing space. Moreover, they only create usable space and the ceilings are high enough for you to place furniture efficiently and also walk around. Other than that, it is possible for you to add dormers to any side of the house, but you will need planning permission.

Another notable thing about dormer loft conversion is that there are different types that you can explore. You have several options at your disposal when you decide to go for a dormer loft conversion, which gives you a lot of flexibility. The choices include single dormers, which are ideal for homes with limited space. L-shaped dormer loft conversion is recommended for some homes, such as Victorian houses and they can create a significant amount of space.

Full width dormers make use of the full width of the property in order to give maximum space. The head height can be increased with side dormers with a hipped roof and the loft access can be found under the hip. Hip to gable dormers are also an option for dormer loft conversions.