The Latest Updates About TSM Finances With NYSE: TSM

TSM which is short for Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing is a multinational design company dealing with semiconductors. It is one of the most valuable semiconductors companies in the world and the top one in China. With its headquarters located in Taiwan, it holds a capacity of 13 million equivalent wafers as per the latest report. The primary role of the company is making chips for the customers of size 2 micron to 7 microns. The founder of the company is Morris Chang with key people like the chairman, CEO and the president. The company has been dominating others in this field and is gaining popularity over time.

The company is of public category and belongs to the industry of semiconductors. The company serves worldwide with its top quality products and services. In the article, you will learn about the finances and the latest stock trend of the company. To do so NYSE: TSM at is a great platform. Today there is a lot to know about TSM like careers, investors, press, CSR and more. Ever since the foundation of the company in 1987 it has gained high popularity.

About TSM:

When it comes to semiconductors, TSM proves to be the world’s largest semiconductor company which provides its services ecologically. It is the first-ever place that has provided 5 nanometers productions which is one of the most advanced semiconductors services. Talking about the finances and stock of TSM, the data below will give you an idea about it.

  • Open-78.17
  • Previous high-N/A
  • Previous close-78.38
  • 52 week high-86.79
  • 52 week low-42.70
  • Market capital-409.08B
  • Volume-6.06M
  • Low-77.39
  • turnover-N/A

Nasdaq gives the best estimation of the stock performing today and a prediction of how they will perform tomorrow. The data is the form of graphs makes the financial nature of the company easier to understand. The trends whether high or low can be easily understood from the pictorial representation of nyse.

Other financial data of TSM

Frequent questions like whether TSM stocks are a good option to buy have answers from the latest reports. As per the IBD stock checkup, TSM shows 96 percent rating of the highest 99 percent. The ratings make TSM a top one in the chipmaker market. Its top competitor INTC giving it a tough competition in terms of ratings and performance. Also, based on the report of the forecast it is expected that the stocks will go up largely. The revenue is also expected to grow by around 54% with the long term investments in the desktop platform.

To stay updated with the latest company happenings, browse NYSE: TSM. It is the best platform that gives you complicated details in a simpler form.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.