How Malta Company Formation Can be a Rewarding Option for Foreign Entrepreneurs 

Malta tends the right destination for those businessmen who look for a dynamic and growing fiscal environment with a competitive labor force. Individuals with an entrepreneurial idea, no European country is better than Malta to start your company. This island continues to maintain its pro-business taxation law.

With Malta company formation, you can enjoy economic benefits with countries inside and outside the European Union. It makes forming a Maltese company rewarding for foreign investments. Also, it contributes to the economic growth, taxation system, and strategic location of Malta. Your properly structured Maltese company can flourish with an effective corporate tax rate, which is as low as five percent.

Here is how Malta company formation can be a rewarding option for foreign entrepreneurs.

  • Maltese company involves no withholding taxes and stamp duties. It does not have any exchange control restriction when it comes to the distribution of profits to non-resident shareholders. It means you can expatriate these dividends without any limitations.
  • Your Maltese company can expand its trading activities without having to worry about taxation problems. You will have to pay only 5 percent of corporation tax on profits from the trading activities. There is a full exemption on the revenue if you have a holding company in Malta.
  • As the law, the directors and shareholders of your Maltese company can maintain their secrecy.
  • The Maltese government offers you the highest level of privacy protection for your company.
  • You can register your Maltese company with your chosen business name, which requires approval by Malta’s Registry of Companies.
  • You can carry out trading activities locally and internationally from your Maltese company, with minimal charges.
  • You can organize general and annual meetings of your Maltese company outside of the country.
  • You can hold funds your Malta company’s funds in international banks.
  • As a foreign entrepreneur, you can transfer a company from another jurisdiction to Malta.