Web design mistakes you might be guilty off

The internet is saturated with websites, so to ensure your site attracts attention, you need to get every aspect spot on. Here are some common web design mistakes to shun.

Ignoring responsive design

With more of us using mobile devices than desktops for searching online, if your website doesn’t adapt for viewing on other devices, you’ll quickly lose your followers. Utilising responsive design is now a necessity rather than a luxury.

Not linking with social media

Having a social media presence is a great strategy for building audiences, but if you don’t link to your social media platforms on your website, you could miss out. According to Entrepreneur people should be able to go from one site to the other effortlessly.

Information overload

It can be tempting to fill your website with as much information as possible, in the hope that by giving more, you’ll get more back from customers. Unfortunately, this could create the opposite effect. If you overfill your website, especially the homepage, viewers may find it difficult to navigate to get to the information they need or may be so overwhelmed that they click off. Keep things simple and succinct, and don’t be afraid of using any ‘white space’.

Unprofessional design

You might be able to save some cash by designing your website yourself, but unless you possess top-notch design skills, this will prove a false economy. Don’t scrimp on design because you will earn more in the long run if you spend more time.  A Gloucestershire Branding Agency will have experience in this industry and might be able to give you tips to save you spending hours creating images you don’t  want or need.

Thinking about yourself

When designing your website, it’s easy to focus on what you want on the site, and how it will please you, but this isn’t the way to go about it if you want your site to be a success. You need to jump into the minds of your customers and design the site for them, concentrating on what they would want from it, and what problems they want you to solve.

Failing to consider SEO

A website should always be designed with SEO in mind. After all, no matter how amazing a site looks, if people can’t find it, it serves little purpose. Every time you add content or make a change to the design or layout, you should think about how this will impact on SEO.